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Kids Library:


Dare to challenge your friends? Welcome to a team-based action game with insane physics-driven power-ups in up to 3v3 action. Shoot, duck behind cover, and coordinate with teammates…all in glorious VR!


Block incoming orbs to your favorite beat! Audioshield puts you at the point of impact for every hit in your songs. Works with any song file, plus online music streaming and Song of the Day.

Space Invader

Outpost L5 is a planet defense game in virtual reality. Control a base at the Lagrange point L5, near Earth. It’s the last surviving battle station and you are in control of its remaining ships that stand between Earth and the Armada of Invading Aliens.


ABC Paint is a simple VR drawing experience that anyone can start using in seconds. 
The app takes inspiration from real life painting scenarios, presenting the player with a paint brush in one hand and the painters palette in the other.


Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

You can view our entire Virtual Reality Game Library here
Please contact us if you do not see a game you wish to play on our website.

We also have an XBOX One console and Retro arcade machine featuring all the classics like Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros and it is free to play!

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