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At VX we want to ensure that our camp provides all that is necessary for your children. Research has shown that only 25% of children between the ages of 5-15 do at least 60 min of moderate physical activate each day. Keeping kids active through daily physical activity is a crucial part of healthy growth and development. At VX summer camp, we strive in creating a fun-filled and active packed day for your children. We will provide kids with physical activity during the morning in order to kick start their day.

How do we do it?

We take our time to teach and improve skills in sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and much more. Our activities involve great warm-ups, stretching, and cooldown.  This is where your children will stay active and safe.

Lunch and Breaks

Your children need to be energized in order to have an optimal experience at our camp. As food is our source of fuel, we strongly recommend that parents pack quality nutritious food for their children to have during the day.


Our recommendation :

  • Pack a two water bottles for your children (One frozen)
  • Your child will not leave the house without their fruit juices? Water them down so that you can reduce the intake of sugar for the day



Coding for kids.

In the 21st Century, the ability to code programs is becoming part of today’s society. We believe that starting at a young age,  your children can learn to develop strategies to solve problems, design projects, and communicate ideas.

At VX summer camp, your child will be able to stay active, have fun and learn a new skill.

Virtual Reality

After a long day of activities and learning new skills, we want to make sure that all kids have something fun to explore at the end of the day. At Virtual Xperience, we have a great selection of multiplayer, singleplayer and educational games for all the kids to enjoy.

Register Today and get 30min of Virtual Reality on us!

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